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Services & Pricing

Peacock Interior Design will:

  • Save you time, frustration, and hassle!
  • Assist you in making informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes
  • Help you find solutions that will enhance your quality of life
  • Implement an overall vision or plan - and help you avoid impractical or unnecessary purchases
  • Satisfy your requirements and meet your budget
  • Present unique furnishings that you won't find everywhere else
  • Provide the latest information on new materials, products and technology
  • Always address health, safety, ergonomic and acoustic issues
  • Anticipate a long-term view of your situation and help you plan for your future needs

Peacock Interior Design realizes no two clients or their projects are alike and offers several service and pricing options to best fit your unique situation: What are YOUR needs? What is the scope of YOUR project?

DESIGN COACH/CONSULTANT — You want to be in charge of all design decisions, purchasing, tracking, installation, etc., but you want a professional opinion (helps avoid costly mistakes). This is the option for you. You call when you need assistance, and Peacock Interior Design will provide consultations or coaching on an hourly basis. You can also contract for a specific number of hours per month on an ongoing basis.

DESIGN CONCEPT PLAN — You also want to be in charge of your project, but you want an upfront overall idea or vision to work from. Peacock Interior Design will work out a customized Design Concept based on your individual needs and wishes that you can "take and run with." This allows you freedom to work on your project as your time and budget allow but always following professional guidelines for your project. You also have the security of knowing exactly how much the design fees (fixed) will be before the project has even begun! The fixed fee is based on the overall Scope of Project.

PURCHASING/PROCUREMENT ONLY — This is the service you need when you find that special item only to discover that it is offered "To-the-Trade- Only." It covers all the activities associated with procuring furniture, fabric, finishes, art, accessories, etc. According to your specifications, Peacock Interior Design will locate sources, create and manage the order process, deliver the items, and handle returns and warranty issues. A management fee will be applied to the designer wholesale price and can vary according to the number of items or the complexity of the orders. Some hourly fees may also apply depending on how complete the specifications are.

FULL-SERVICE DESIGNER — You don't have the time or energy to chase all over town for every perfect item, or you have no idea how to start, manage and finish a project. Peacock Interior Design can provide comprehensive design services that cover the entire scope of the design project, starting at the beginning and managing the project right up until the last accessory is in place. Fees for this are hourly except for the purchasing phase.

  • Programming
    Identifying and analyzing your needs and goals - Assess project resources and limitations.
  • Space Planning
    New construction, remodel, special spaces & furniture arrangements.
  • Design Concept
    Preliminary plans and ideas describing the character, function and aesthetic of the project.
  • Design Development
    Final design recommendations for all aspects of the project needs and can include Custom Design specifications, drawings and coordination with craftsmen / contractors.
  • Design Construction Drawings
    Non-load-bearing interior construction, materials and finishes, fixtures and equipment.
  • Project Management and Quality Assurance
    Coordinating schedules, people, deliveries and assuring that what you ordered is what you get.
  • Installation and Project Evaluation
    Coordinating placement of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment according to plans, and final review.

BUILDER'S TEAM — Building or remodeling? Peacock Interior Design can act as part of your construction team. Bringing in an interior designer in the early planning stages can often create a better result for the homeowner. Builders often use standard floor plans that are purchased from a plan book, and have their favorite sources that they like to work with, so many of their projects all look alike - not specific to your life or unique circumstances. Peacock Interior Design is experienced at space planning, traffic flow and lighting - not skills that most builders have studied extensively. Fees for this option are on a per-square foot basis, and are flexible based on the level of involvement.

Pricing Options

No restrictions on the number of meetings
No restrictions on the number of revisions
Unlimited access to the designer
Hourly pricing can be structured with a not-to-exceed hour/price limit

Narrowly defined scope - set for specific project needs
Specific number of meetings
Specific number of revisions
Limited access to the designer

Merchandise always available at designer net cost and applicable sales tax, shipping and freight.
Plus management fee that can vary according to the number of items, or the complexity of the orders.

Interior finish and fixture selections
Exterior finish selections
Interior and/or exterior color schemes

Peacock Interior Design
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