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QUIZ: Where do you sit?

By The Denver Post Staff and Sheba R. Wheeler, Jan. 11, 2007

Sources for Room's homestyle quiz included Cynthia Peacock of Peacock Interior Design in Boulder and the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design; Oma Blaise Ford, senior deputy editor of Better Homes and Gardens magazine; and Mary Emmerling, creative director of Country Home Magazine, and Susie Coelho, a former host of HGTV's "Surprise Gardener" and current host of "Outer Spaces."

1. Your dream home would be:
A. a ranch-style house with expansive, unadorned windows
B. a cabin in the mountains with a quaint porch
C. stucco with a grand entryway and patio
D. a LoDo loft
E. an old farmhouse with a terra cotta roof
F. a two-story wood house where every room is a distinct and separate space

2. For casual dress, you choose:
A. a white linen shirt with khakis or black pants
B. distressed denim jeans with a fleece sweatshirt
C. a peasant shirt with turquoise jewelry
D. brown corduroys, a white cotton shirt and a bright red tie or scarf for a pop of color
E. an ivory sweater and tailored ivory slacks
F. a velvet shawl or jacket with a silk skirt

3. The cabinets in your dream kitchen would be:
A. blond, lacquered wood
B. whitewashed
C. stained sage green wood
D. punctuated by frosted or clear glass panes
E. accented with wrought-iron knobs and inlaid mosaic tile
F. walnut with ornate details

4. Your favorite colors are:
A. neutrals
B. botanical shades
C. olive greens and corals
D. primary colors (red, yellow and blue)
E. soft gold tones, dusty blues and warm browns
F. deep, rich burgundies and mahogany browns

5. You would replace carpeting in your home with:
A. laminate or linoleum
B. hardwood with sisal mats or floral rugs
C. ceramic tile
D. stained concrete
E. terra cotta tiles or natural stone
F. dark wood or marble

6. Your favorite piece of furniture is:
A. a barrel chair with leather upholstery
B. a wicker settee
C. a knotty-pine couch
D. a low platform bed
E. a large trestle table with carved details and iron accents
F. a camelback sofa with a wood frame

7. Your walls are:
A. white
B. stenciled with florals
C. accented with Native American artwork or animal motifs
D. decorated with striking artwork featuring bold colors and geometric shapes
E. a textured finish
F. wallpapered with paisleys or fleur-de-lis

8. Your favorite windows are covered with:
A. nothing - to capitalize on the views
B. cotton curtains with floral, striped or check patterns
C. hand-woven fabric
D. shiny silk
E. damask or tapestry
F. heavy lace or velvet

9. Favorite home accent(s):
A. is a paperweight curved into an organic boomerang
B. is a series of platters hung on a wall; quilts, pottery, candles
C. woven shawls and blankets, and clay pots
D. vibrant art glass accented by recessed lighting
E. wrought-iron candlesticks and sconces
F. heirloom china, velvet slipcovers and fine linens

10. You dream of an all-expenses paid vacation to:
A. spend a week at The Sculptured House or "Sleeper house," (designed by architect Charles Deaton)
B. spend a weekend in an old house on the coast of Ireland
C. visit an exclusive Arizona spa resort
D. visit New York City museums and galleries
E. bike across Italy
F. be an extra in the next film adaptation of a Jane Austen or Emily Brontė novel

Answer key - If you primarily answered ...

A — Your style is modern. Neutral, tone-on-tone palettes and streamlined furnishings are your bag. Shop here:
Design Within Reach, 2500 E. Second Ave., Suite 120, Denver 720-407-0000 and in Boulder
One Home, 2445 E. Third Ave., 720-946-1505
Zeitgeist Modern Furniture Classics, 1132 Speer Blvd., 303-298-8432

B — Cozy, country cottage style is for you. Garden- inspired hues, painted furnishings and treasured flea-market finds dominate this casual look. Shop here:
Tended Thicket, 1034 S. Gaylord St., 303-722-6815
Apiary, 585 Milwaukee St., 303-399-6017
Mile High Flea Market, 7007 E. 88th Ave. (Interstate 76 and 88th Avenue), 303-289-4656
"Antique Row," South Broadway

C — The desert flair and cultural undertones of Southwestern design suit you best. American Indian influences, bright woven fabrics and earth tones work best. Shop here:
El Paso Import Co., 723 S. Broadway, 303-698-1400
Tres Amigos World Imports, 300 W. 53rd Place, Unit B, 303-297-0218
Pueblo Southwest Trading Co., 104 S. Victoria Ave., Pueblo, 719-542-4998
Casa Bonita Southwest Decor, 5691 N. Academy Blvd., Colorado Springs, 719-536-0699

D — You are a lover of contemporary style. Stick with brown, taupe, cream and
white walls with bright, bold color in your accents. Geometric patterns work well too. Shop here:
Image Complete, 11 Kalamath St., 303-424-1114
P Design Gallery, 2590 Walnut St., 720-259-2516

E — Old world, Tuscan style draws you in with its terra cotta tiles, vineyard-inspired hues, textured wall treatments and wrought-iron accents, all of which evoke the rustic charm of a European village. Shop here:
Djuna, 221 Detroit St., 303-355-3500
Brandon Home Furnishings, 900 S. Santa Fe Drive, 303-715-9200

F — Your style thrives on nostalgic, Victorian-inspired design. Elaborately carved furnishings, romanticism and velvety textures are the hallmarks of this look, along with heavy, dark wood finishes and jewel-toned accents. Shop here:
Brass Armadillo Antique Mall, 11301 N. I-70 Frontage Road, Wheat Ridge, 303-403-1677
"Antique Row," South Broadway

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