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"I just needed rugs for my kitchen! But after spending more time and money than I care to recall ordering and returning on the internet, I consulted with Cynthia at Peacock Interior Design. She knew after seeing my house what my taste and preferences were almost immediately. We spent one afternoon looking at rug samples and with her creative eye for color and patterns we were able to find the perfect rugs for my kitchen at a price that worked with my budget. She was professional and very easy to work with. I will definitely call on Cynthia again for any further decorating needs I have."

Marcy Bachelder

"I was overwhelmed by the task of choosing colors for an entire house (new construction) with unfinished floors, unpainted trim, and no furniture or textiles to work from. I was able to express to Cynthia the feel and atmosphere I wanted and she was able to turn that into the most beautiful wall colors. It was amazing when the colors went up on the walls how the house took on exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!"

— Margaret Pemberton

"I had the pleasure of using Peacock Interior Design for Space Planning services - this was especially valuable in the permitting process (for remodel / renovation) and the completed design of the house."

— Ralph X. Junior

"P.S. Cynthia has since been (one year later) a huge assistance in selecting overall exterior and interior color schemes. As an added extra bonus, when it came to some "Oh, by the way" decisions I needed to make concerning surface materials, she offered great advice and comments. Thank you for the extra mile."

— Ralph X. Junior

Peacock Interior Design
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"Cynthia's 'Designer on Call' program has been a real life saver for me. I am in Oregon and Peacock Interior Design is in Colorado! No problem - we have worked together on previous projects and my current design questions are answered on the spot via telephone or e-mail. This has been especially beneficial when I needed immediate information for the contractor (new construction), or when I am 'offered opinions' by various resources. Cynthia understands my style, my needs and wants."

— Leslie Urich

"I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to walk into the house and be surrounded by the things I love. They are put exactly where I want them. I gave myself up for so long and then found myself again. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cynthia and Peacock Interior Design!"

— Nancy Evans (recently divorced)

"My husband and I moved from Virginia to Colorado…a whole new style was needed! We brought 'East Coast furnishings and accessories' and they just didn't look right out here in the West, and certainly not within the architecture of our new house! Peacock Interior Design was able to rearrange, reuse, and renew many items (definitely helped with the budget) without contributing everything to the landfills. Of course, we had a good time picking out new furniture and art. Cynthia was so easy and a joy to work with. Now we feel very comfortable and 'at home' in Colorado."

— Lavinia Gadsden

"I know exactly what I love and want and I know where to find anything (my favorite pastime is to haunt the flea markets, second-hand shops, and estate sales)…but I needed a lot of help integrating everything according to my stated style desires and with scale and proportion. Cynthia was incredible! She just 'got it,' and offered so much guidance every step of the way. My house is a constant 'work in progress' and now I call on Cynthia every so often just to make sure I am still on track. I have become very dependent on Peacock Interior Design for constant guidance."

— Kay Wilson