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Five Principles for Loft Design

You bought your loft for the lifestyle — everything you need is close, the night life is at your command and the photographs of the interiors were to die for. Now you're there and you've got it all but you don't know how to get that "Loft Look." It can't be that hard, right? Here are a few things to keep in mind when tackling your loft design.

This sounds easy, but it is deceptively hard. Often we have too much stuff, or the stuff we have just doesn't fit the urban aesthetic. Think "less is more" and you are halfway there. Think clean lines, no frills and let the architecture to do the talking.

The beauty of living in a loft is the open floor plan that allows you to create your environment in any way you see fit. That doesn't mean you shouldn't have a door on the bathroom, but don't think rooms — think about the functions of the space. Perhaps you bought the loft because you like to entertain. Every host knows that the guests always end up in the kitchen, so why not open the kitchen up to your public spaces?

The flip side to openness — privacy — can be an issue for loft dwellers. You bought all of those great floor-to-ceiling windows, it seems like a shame to cover them. You can get your "Loft Look" and still not feel like you are on display. Lots of companies are manufacturing automated roller shades that have a beautiful minimalist aesthetic. We are also seeing natural materials such as bamboo or grass being used for shades too.

Does every loft have to have an exposed brick wall? The reality is that an authentic loft is a commercial or industrial space that has been converted to living quarters. Not every old factory had brick walls, though. Each building is different, every city is different. Embrace what you have — concrete floors? Stain them. Concrete block walls? Paint them. Open duct work? Use it to call attention to your high ceilings!

The best loft designs use bold colors to accent. Does everything have to be bright red? No. We actually think that color used judiciously is better than color for color's sake. Often we will use neutral furnishings and punch them up with great art, or accessories. Sometimes, the opposite is true; the walls and floors are plain so that the furnishings and art can shine.

The truth about Loft Design is that it is as exciting and varied as the people who live there.

There are many ways to personalize an urban space without losing yourself OR the personality of the space. It takes a skilled interior designer to discover your aspirations and lifestyle needs and help you to express them through your environment. Where and how you live speaks volumes to those who visit you. What do you want your loft to say about you?

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