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The 4-D Design Process

Interior design can be a complex process and full of "designerese". . . Programming and Schematics and Procurement and . . . Designers are dedicated to the aesthetic portion of design, and to the operational aspects. Many times we manage projects that involve working with architects, builders and property owners, sometimes order hundreds of products, from doorknobs and plumbing fixtures, to sofas, window, wall, and floor treatments, and we track and manage the delivery and installation of these products and services.

That being said, PEACOCK-Interior Design has distilled and simplified the design process to four easy, descriptive steps: Discover, Define, Design and Deliver = a much easier framework of understanding in working with you and your project.

DISCOVER: Getting acquainted — Explore your dreams and desires, aspirations and needs through interviews, conversations, photo-referencing and on-site observations.

An example of some typical DISCOVER questions:

  • HOW do you WANT to live?
  • What is the desired ATMOSPHERE you would like in your home?
  • For whom is the space being designed and what activities will take place there?
  • How much openness and / or privacy do you want?
  • Do you want to surround yourself with OBJECTS or with SPACE?
  • What image do you want to project?
  • What feels AUTHENTIC to you?
  • What is your time frame and what is your budget?

DEFINE: A careful inventory of your existing space, furnishings, color preferences and positive/negative associations are noted. Preliminary color and finish selections are selected and the best solutions are brought forward.

DESIGN: This is when the magic happens! Design solutions are customized to your specific circumstances as outlined in the Discover and Define phases. You are as involved as you want to be, from active involvement to hands-off.

DELIVER: Timely, efficient, hassle-free project management from start to finish. This includes communications, billing, installations, and post-project survey or interview.

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